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With a team of highly skilled and certified field service technicians specializing in Veeder Root Liquid Level Control Systems, Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment LLC is your trusted source for comprehensive technical support. With over 20 years of experience working with Veeder Root products, we have established ourselves as a proven leader in service, possessing the expertise to address all your Veeder Root product requirements. Veeder Root is a reliable and efficient fuel tank monitoring system, serving as an environmental solution for monitoring and detecting fuel tank leaks across a wide range of industrial and commercial fuel tank applications.
At Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment, we have Factory Certified and trained technicians who are readily available to support your equipment whenever needed. Our comprehensive range of services includes sales, service, turnkey installations, training, startup assistance, annual testing, and system calibration inspections, which provide certified reports for your fuel tank monitoring equipment. Let Veeder Root maintain your fuel tank inventory and leak alarm system, offering real-time internal reporting through our advanced internal report printer.
Furthermore, we specialize in meeting customer building management alarm output needs, ensuring compatibility with all industrial building maintenance systems and communication network systems.
Veeder Root supports a wide range of standard communication interfaces, including Relay Input/Output Logic, Analog Output Signals, RS232 Serial Data, Internal and External Modems, Ethernet, ModBus, LAN/WAN, and more.
Many fuel tank monitoring system issues arise from a lack of factory-trained and experienced certified technicians or insufficient equipment knowledge, resulting in improper installation and unnecessary repair expenses. At Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment LLC, we offer complete turnkey installations conducted by fully trained, experienced, and knowledgeable factory Certified Technicians. As a testament to our confidence in our products and services, all new Veeder Root systems come with our standard (1) full-year service guarantee.
Whether you are monitoring below ground or above ground fuel tanks, our services are tailored to ensure the maintenance of a dependable fuel tank monitoring and leak detection system. Rest assured that your place of business will be protected and maintained within a safe and clean environment.

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