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Concrete Services​

Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment is a reputable company committed to delivering exemplary customer service to each and every client. We are delighted to offer comprehensive tank pad installations, as well as single manhole repairs.
In the event that you are encountering issues with grade frame manholes or spill containment manholes that allow water to enter your fill box, piping sump, or tank, it may be necessary to replace and elevate your manholes. Neglecting water intrusion problems can lead to severe fuel-related issues and even complete system failure. Whether you are facing water intrusion, deteriorated concrete, sunken structures, or unsafe cracks, our team is here to assist you. We adhere to and uphold both federal and local guidelines pertaining to H-20 load ratings for all manholes.
Manhole Repair
In certain cases, the most cost-effective solution is to replace a single problematic grade frame manhole or spill containment manhole. Our process involves isolating the issue by cutting the suspect manhole, employing jack hammers to remove the damaged structure, and replacing it with new concrete. Depending on the specific problem, we typically install a new manhole positioned ¾” to 1″ above the ground level, seamlessly blending the new concrete with a broom finish to match the existing grade.
Complete Tank Pads
When replacing a single manhole is insufficient, we offer comprehensive removal of the entire tank pad and associated manholes. A new pad will be constructed using H20-rated manholes and concrete specifically designed for the unique characteristics of your site, typically with a strength of 4,000 PSI.
Positive Limiting Barriers (PLBs)
Fuel dispensing areas necessitate a concrete pad featuring positive limiting barriers (PLBs) to contain any spills that may occur during dispensing. PLBs consist of grooves in the concrete surrounding the dispensing area. Regulations stipulate that these barriers must be constructed and maintained to contain five gallons of fuel for each dispenser, with nozzles not extending beyond the PLBs. The maintenance of PLBs typically involves filling cracks with hydraulic cement or, in most cases, removing and repairing the affected concrete section.
We invite you to contact us today for a complimentary estimate, allowing us the opportunity to offer you the assurance and peace of mind that your fuel tank system operates in full compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

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