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Cable Leak Detection System

Cable Leak Detection

We appreciate your interest in Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment LLC and RLE Technologies. With over 22 years of experience, RLE Technologies has established itself as a leading manufacturer of cable leak detection systems. Our innovative solutions, including the patented Seahawk water detection system and web-based Falcon environmental system, along with a range of sensors, are designed to safeguard businesses’ mission-critical facilities and equipment in highly sensitive environmental areas.
Our product lineup includes conductive fluid cable leak detection, float type leak detection, temperature/humidity detection, and gas and smoke detection monitoring technology. RLE Technologies combines advanced electronics with environmental monitoring capabilities, ensuring unparalleled alarm reliability for our customers. Moreover, we provide various output options to enable local or remote communications with building management systems, enhancing convenience and control.
Should you have any inquiries regarding the application of our products, Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment LLC is here to address them and provide expert guidance.

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