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Stage 1 & Pressure Vent Cap Testing

Stage 1 & Pressure Vent Cap Testing​

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Our comprehensive services include Stage 1 Vapor Recovery Testing and Pressure Vent Cap Testing, which are crucial in ensuring the proper functioning of all components within Stage 1 systems. It is essential to identify any malfunctions as they could result in the release of harmful levels of hydrocarbon emissions or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the environment. To comply with federal EPA and State Regulations, we employ Estabrook’s EZY CHEK Stage 1 Pressure Decay Tester and EZY CHEK Pressure Vent Cap Tester.
Stage 1 Vapor Recovery is a vital process employed during the refueling of gasoline storage tanks to minimize hydrocarbon emissions or VOCs released into the environment. Instead of venting vapors into the atmosphere, they are directed through a hose into the cargo tanker. It is worth noting that approximately 80% of vapor emissions from a service station occur during the product delivery to the UST (Underground Storage Tank). There are two main types of Stage 1 systems: Dual point and Coaxial.
Dual point systems: These configurations consist of two separate tank openings, typically comprising a 4-inch diameter fill tube and adapter for product delivery and a 4-inch poppet valve adapter for vapor recovery.
Coaxial systems: Coaxial systems require only one tank opening, typically a 4-inch diameter, with a 3-inch diameter product fill tube inserted. Fuel flows through the inner tube, while vapors are displaced through the annular space between the inner and outer tubes.
Pressure Vent Caps play a crucial role in minimizing vapor loss while maintaining a safe pressure differential within the gasoline storage tank. They serve as pressure release devices.
When is Stage 1 testing required? The frequency of Stage 1 testing depends on the monthly throughput of the site and its compliance status with Federal and State Stage 1 system Regulations. Sites with a monthly throughput of 10,000 gallons or more are obligated to adhere to all Stage 1 regulations and undergo regular testing.
When should PV vent testing be conducted? PV vent caps installed at dispensing facilities necessitate pressure testing and vacuum testing as part of the next Stage 1 system test. In addition to PV vent cap testing, the new regulations also mandate pressure decay testing, drop tube length inspection, and verification.
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