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OMNTEC Electronic Gauging and Leak detection Systems

OMNTEC Electronic Gauging and Leak detection Systems​

As an Authorized Distributor with OMNTEC Liquid Level Control Systems we provide sales, service, installations, training, startup, testing and certified calibration inspections of fuel tank monitoring equipment. Let OMNTEC maintain instant inventory fuel usage as well as all deliveries with an internal report printer. We also specialize in analog and relay output signals for all standard building maintenance systems. Most problems occur because of improper installation of equipment and not following the manufacturer’s periodic recommended maintenance schedule. We offer fully trained knowledgeable factory Certified Technicians with OMNTEC, Pneumercator and Veeder Root. Whether you are monitoring below ground or above ground fuel tanks we can provide the services you need to maintain a safe environment for your business. Please call today to schedule your on site equipment evaluation.
At Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment, we take pride in having more Factory Certified trained technicians than any other petroleum company in Southern New England. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses sales, service, turnkey installations, training, startup assistance, annual testing, and system calibration inspections, providing you with certified reports for your fuel tank monitoring equipment. Trust OMNTEC to maintain your fuel tank inventory and leak alarm system, offering real-time internal reporting through our cutting-edge internal report printer.
In addition, Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment LLC specializes in meeting customer building management alarm output needs, ensuring compatibility with all industrial building maintenance systems and communication network systems.
OMNTEC supports a wide range of standard communication interfacing options, including Relay Input/Output Logic, Analog Output Signals, RS232 Serial Data, Internal and External Modems, Ethernet, ModBus, LAN/WAN, Windows 2000-2007, TSM Com, and more.
It is worth noting that most fuel tank monitoring system issues arise due to a lack of factory-trained and experienced certified technicians or insufficient equipment knowledge. These factors can lead to improper installations of customer fuel tank monitoring equipment, resulting in unnecessary repair expenses.
Rest assured that Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment LLC offers complete turnkey installations performed by fully trained, experienced, and knowledgeable factory Certified Technicians. As a testament to our commitment, all new OMNTEC systems come with our standard (1) full year service guarantee.
Whether you are monitoring below ground or above ground fuel tanks, we provide the services necessary to maintain a dependable fuel tank monitoring and leak detection system. Find peace of mind knowing that your place of business is protected and maintained within a safe and clean environment.

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