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ATG Certification & Repair

ATG Certification & Repair​

Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment is a distinguished company dedicated to ensuring that each customer receives an exceptional level of superior customer service. Inspections of Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) and Leak Detection Equipment are a vital process for storage tank owners and operators. Considerable investments are made in automatic tank gauging systems to monitor levels and detect leaks. However, without effective maintenance, these systems can produce inaccurate readings or allow stored products to leak into the environment. Regular checks are necessary as tank probes and other sensing components can deteriorate over time. It is recommended or required by most vendors to perform this maintenance activity at least once a year. Furthermore, failure to meet Local, State, and Federal EPA requirements for operating and maintaining automatic tank gauging systems can result in citations and fines. At Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment, we comprehend the significance of maintaining your ATG systems. We offer comprehensive ATG Inspections conducted by factory certified technicians, providing certified reports for any system. Our inspections are tailored to your specific tank system, ensuring proper operation and dependable results. During an ATG Inspection, our procedures encompass:

  • Documenting equipment details, including models and serial numbers.
  • Manually simulating operations.
  • Verifying the correct functionality of display and alarm lights.
  • Ensuring that the equipment is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Checking the proper functioning of the printer.
  • Comparing level readings to stick readings and performing calibration if necessary.
  • Checking for the presence of water at the tank bottom.
  • Verifying the accuracy of system programming, such as tank size and sensors.
  • Manually inspecting various sensors, including double wall, sump, and ground water sensors.
  • Confirming the functionality of remote high-level alarms, such as lights, horns, and test/reset buttons.
  • Opening all manholes and conducting thorough inspections.
  • Assessing sump conditions, including water, rusty pipes, and oil.
  • Verifying the scheduling of automatic 0.2 gph tank tests.
  • Ensuring that output signals to the Building Management System (BMS) are functioning as programmed.
  • Documenting any changes, comments, and recommendations for each customer.
  • Providing complete written certified reports.

By entrusting Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment with your ATG Inspection needs, you can be confident in our meticulous approach and our commitment to delivering professional and accurate results.
ATG System Service & Repair
Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment recognizes the paramount importance of ensuring the optimal functioning of your ATG system. We are dedicated to providing prompt service and repair solutions for all ATG systems. Our team of factory certified technicians possesses specialized expertise in troubleshooting your system and executing any required repairs. To minimize downtime and streamline the process, all services and repairs are thoroughly tested and verified during the same visit. We believe in the eradication of unnecessary disruptions and the prompt restoration of system functionality. In contrast to companies that employ undertrained technicians, we prioritize the utmost vigilance and professionalism in handling ATG monitoring. Your ATG system deserves to be entrusted to the most responsible and capable hands.

Is the “new” or “upgraded” status of your Underground Storage Tank (UST) system truly sufficient?
Mere “newness” or an “upgrade” alone cannot guarantee sufficient performance. Modern underground storage tanks (USTs), whether newly installed or upgraded, consist of intricate mechanical and electronic components that are susceptible to failure under specific circumstances. The prevention or timely identification of these failures is achievable through regular annual inspections. While possessing a new or upgraded UST system is an encouraging step forward, it is imperative that the system is operated and maintained in accordance with best practices to ensure its reliable functionality during critical emergency scenarios.

Are you aware of the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of your ATG system?
In order to ensure the highest level of accuracy and compliance, our annual inspections and recertifications encompass a meticulous evaluation of your monitoring system and tank. Tailored to each specific system, our certified reports consolidate all pertinent information, presenting it in an easily understandable format. Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment has established an industry benchmark for unparalleled expertise and proficiency in servicing Automatic Tank Gauging systems across the New England region. We invite you to contact us today for a complimentary estimate. Allow us to provide you with the personal satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from knowing your fuel tank system operates in full compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

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