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Environmental Services​

Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment is a reputable company that takes considerable pride in ensuring the utmost level of superior customer service for all our valued clients. We are pleased to offer our distinguished environmental services in the Southern New England area, specializing in the removal of unwanted fuel oil contaminants from both below ground and above ground fuel tanks. Our comprehensive expertise includes the elimination of bottom sediment, microbial growth, fungi, mold, sludge, and water.
If you are encountering issues such as poor fuel delivery, increased vacuum pressure, or the presence of a thick residue obstructing fuel strainers and filters, it is possible that you are experiencing microbial problems, such as fungi or mold growth within your fuel system. Additionally, we provide complete fuel tank cleaning services to ensure optimal performance.
Tank Bottom Water Removal
If you have water accumulation in your fuel tank, it is highly recommended to remove it promptly to prevent fuel complications and microbial growth. Microorganisms thrive and multiply in the fuel/water interface, existing in the water and feeding off the hydrocarbons present in the fuel. As microbial growth progresses, it forms dark, gel-like mats. The by-products produced by these microorganisms, including water, sludge, and acids, can be detrimental to your fuel system. Furthermore, microorganisms can consume rubber gaskets, O-rings, hoses, tank linings, and coatings in their quest for mineral content. The removal of tank bottom water is essential for preventing fuel sediment and inhibiting microbial growth.
Tank Cleaning
At Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment LLC, we possess the expertise and experience to clean both below ground and above ground fuel tanks effectively. Unlike other tank cleaning services that simply purify the fuel and return it to a contaminated tank, our method ensures a maintenance-free experience. We treat your fuel with a custom-blended treatment and transfer it to a holding tank. Our certified technicians, equipped with fully certified confined space equipment and supported by standby personnel, manually enter the tank to pressure wash and clean it from the inside. Our tank cleaning process leaves your tank in a pristine condition, akin to its initial state.
The Importance of Fuel Tank Cleaning
To ensure reliable operation, engines and boilers necessitate three vital elements: clean oil, clean air, and clean fuel. Approximately 90% of engine and boiler issues stem from contaminated fuel. Consequently, getting your fuel conditioned and tank cleaned represents the most effective preventive and cost-efficient maintenance measure you can undertake.
Confined Space Certification
All employees at Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment hold confined space certifications that are kept up to date. Our equipment undergoes annual calibration and testing, guaranteeing safe and reliable operation. But what exactly constitutes a confined space?
In general, a confined space refers to an enclosed or partially enclosed area that:
• Is not primarily designed or intended for human occupancy.
• Has restricted entry or exit due to location, size, or means.
Confined spaces present potential health and safety risks to individuals who enter them due to one or more of the following factors:
• Design, construction, location, or atmosphere
• Materials or substances contained within
• Work activities conducted within the space.
• Mechanical, process, and safety hazards present
Confined spaces can be located below or above ground, and they can be found in various workplaces. Despite the term “confined,” such spaces are not necessarily small. Examples of confined spaces include utility vaults, tank vaults, tanks, pipes, access shafts, deep sumps, as well as ditches and trenches when access or egress is limited.
We encourage you to contact us today for a complimentary estimate. Allow us to provide you with the personal satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from knowing your fuel tank system is operating optimally and in full compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

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