Stage I Vapor Recovery Testing
Pressure Vent Cap Testing

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Stage 1 Vapor Recovery Testing and Pressure Vent Cap Testing determine if all components of the Stage 1 systems are functioning properly. Malfunctioning systems could release harmful levels of hydrocarbon emissions or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the environment. At Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment we use Estabrook’s EZY CHEK Stage 1 Pressure Decay Tester and EZY CHEK Pressure Vent Cap Tester to comply with federal EPA and State Regulations.

Stage 1 Vapor Recovery

Stage 1 vapor recovery is used during the refueling of gasoline storage tanks to reduce hydrocarbon emissions or VOC’s into the environment. Vapors in the tank, which are displaced by the incoming gasoline, are routed through a hose into the cargo tanker, instead of being vented to the environment. 80% of the vapor emissions produced by a service station occur during the delivery of product to the UST. There are two types of Stage I systems, Dual point and Coaxial.

Dual point systems

Dual point configurations consist of two separate tank openings, typically one 4 inch diameter fill tube and adapter for delivery of the product and one 4 inch poppet valve adapter for the recovery of vapors.

Coaxial systems

Coaxial systems require only one tank opening. The tank opening is usually four inches in diameter with a three inch diameter product fill tube inserted into the opening. Fuel flows through the inner tube while vapors are displaced through the annular space between the inner and outer tubes.

Pressure Vent Caps

A pressure vacuum vent cap, also known as a PV vent cap, is a pressure release device designed to minimize vapor loss while maintaining a safe pressure differential within the gasoline storage tank.

When must Stage 1 testing be performed?

Stage 1 testing depends on the sites monthly throughput and whether they are already in compliance with Federal and State Stage I system Regulations. Sites with a monthly through put of 10,000 gallons or more are required comply with all stage 1 regulations and testing.

When must the PV vent testing be performed?

When PV vent caps are installed at dispensing facilities, the owner or operator shall pressure test and vacuum test the vent cap as part of the next stage 1 system test. In addition to PV vent cap testing, the new regulations also require pressure decay testing, drop tube length inspection and verification.

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