Product Line Tightness Testing

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We offer Annual Product Line Testing and Mechanical Leak Detection Testing with complete Certified Reports using the Estabrook's line testing and leak detector equipment. Estabrook's line testing equipment is a constant pressure line testing system with more accurate results and lower line testing pressures. Regulations require that a line test be conducted at a positive pressure 1.5 time’s the systems operating pressure and the test must detect a 0.1 gallon per hour leak rate. Vacuum tests do not satisfy regulatory requirements for pressurized or suction piping systems.

Line Tightness Testing is required once every three years and in some states annually for all single-wall, pressurized, underground product lines that are not equipped with SIR or an electronic line leak detector capable of conducting a monthly .2GPH test. Suction systems with a check valve located at the tank require line tightness testing once every three years. All Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment testers are certified to test your equipment with current certifications.

Requirements for Line Tightness Testing:

  • Access to Submersible Turbine Pump (STP) or Suction Pump.
  • Minimum of 30 minute period between dispensing and testing per line.
  • Minimum 30 minute test.
  • Test conducted at 1.5 time’s normal operating pressure.
  • Typical down-time for test: 1 hour.

Estabrook’s EZY CHEK System

Certification Leak rate of 0.1 gph with PD = 98.0% and PFA = 1%.
Leak Threshold 0.05 gph.
A pipeline system should not be declared tight if the test result indicates a loss that equals or exceeds this threshold.
Applicability Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, fuel oil #4. Other liquids may be tested after consultation with the manufacturer
Specification System tests fiberglass, steel and flex pipelines.
Tests are conducted at 1.5 times systems operating pressure.
Mechanical line leak detector must be removed or manually isolated from pipeline for duration of test, or if testing is to be conducted with mechanical line leak detector in place, check valve in pump must be manually closed.
Pipeline Capacity Maximum of 426 gallons.
Waiting Time No time between delivery and testing. No time between dispensing and testing.
Test Period Under ideal conditions, 30 minutes; actual test time will depend on line size and temperature conditions at the site.
Data are collected every 15 minutes.
Three consecutive consistent readings are required for a valid test, with the first reading taken at zero time.
Test data are acquired and recorded manually.
Manual calculations performed by the operator on site.
Calibration No temperature sensors used.
No calibration required.
System must be checked annually in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
Technicians must be certified by the manufacturer prior to using this equipment and recertified every two years.

Mechanical Leak Detector Testing

Estabrook’s mechanical leak detector testing equipment uses STP line pressure. Manually simulating a 3.0 gallon per hour line leak and opening time, resiliency, operating pressure and STP check valve holding pressure, testing for proper leak detector operation. Testing requirements are typically associated with line testing and require access to STP and dispenser shear valve.

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