Preventive Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Programs tailored to your site specific needs. Let us provide a comprehensive compliant service program

Why Do You Need A Preventive Maintenance Program?

  • Prevent untimely and unnecessary environmental costly expenses
  • Annual Recertification and Maintenance Inspections of Electronic Tank Monitoring systems are recommended by the manufactures
  • When was your last scheduled Level Monitoring and Leak Detection system inspection? More Info...
  • When was your last scheduled Tank Tightness system inspection? More Info...
  • When was your last Cathodic system Inspection? More Info...
  • When was your last scheduled Line Leak Detection system inspection? More Info...

The Federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and/or state authorities often perform periodic inspections requiring that rules, regulations, and compliance issues be monitored and adhered to regarding the ownership and maintenance of USTs. Additionally, Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment LLC and many states strongly suggest self compliance inspections on an annual basis to ensure compliance with the federally mandated periodic inspections. If violations are noted during regulatory inspections, penalties can be assessed, including fines and/or shut down of facilities. According to Section 1523 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, regulatory agencies conduct on-site inspections at least once every three years.

Is your monitoring system working properly?

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Knowing your system is functioning properly and insuring reliable operations during demand, is very important to us. Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment offers annual inspection and recertifications of all tank monitoring systems including Pneumercator, Veeder Root, Omntec, and Preferred Utilities.

Do you know what your ATG system monitors?

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Our annual inspections and recertification’s offer complete certified reports tailored to each monitoring system and tank. Your reports will be easy to understand with all information pertaining to your system in one report.