MA Third-Party Inspection

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By August 8, 2010, the owners/operators of most underground storage tanks in Massachusetts are required to have their Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and associated piping inspected by Third-Party Inspectors.

As Third-Party Inspectors we conduct detailed inspections of underground storage tanks and piping systems,

  • Determine the systems are appropriate, in place, and operational such as Corrosion Protection, Overfill Prevention, Spill Prevention, Tank and Piping Release Detection, and Secondary Containment
  • Document the results of on-site inspection
  • Review facility record keeping to ensure it meets UST Program requirements such as Current Licenses, Insurance Coverage, Permits, Registration Forms, Copies of the Manufacturers Operating Instructions, Current Inspection Reports, and Testing Records
  • Submit reports on our findings to the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).
  • Transmit one copy of the inspection form to the Head of the Fire Department and one copy to the Massachusetts DEP within 14 business days from the completion of the inspection.

Reports must be submitted to MassDEP on the Third-Party Underground Storage Tank Inspection Report (FP-289) form.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, Third-Party Inspectors must Not be:

  • Owners or operators of the USTs they are inspecting
  • Employees of the owners or operators of the USTs they are inspecting
  • Responsible on a daily basis for USTs they are inspecting

How often do I need an inspection?

Inspections are required upon installation of new USTs, and every three years for existing USTs.

Who qualifies to be a Third-Party Inspector?

A Massachusetts Third-Party Inspector is someone who has (a) completed training required by the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and (b) holds at least one of the following credentials:

  • Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer (PE)
  • Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP)
  • UST inspector certification issued by an independent organization (such as the International Code Council or New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission)

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