Fuel Oil Tank Installations
and Removal Services

Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment is a company that takes personal pride ensuring that every customer receives the highest level of superior customer service. We are pleased to provide industrial and residential fuel tank installation and removal services. With over 20 years of experience as a General Contractor and Contractor we have been over seeing fuel tank system installations and removals throughout the Southern New England area. We take pride in every fuel tank service we provide and use the best Mechanical Plumbers, Electricians and Site Contractors the petroleum industry has to offer to ensure a proper installation or removal. All of our work follows the guidelines and regulations of Federal, State and Local Environmental Protection Agency of Underground Storage Tank Enforcement Division.

Fuel Tank Removal & Abandonment

Fuel storage tanks are subject to degradation over time, which may cause contamination of adjacent soil and groundwater which in turn impacts neighboring properties and imposes significant costs on the tank owner and the broader community. A leaking underground tank needs to be removed immediately. But even if your underground tank is still tight, it may be necessary to remove or abandon, because of its age or to make your property ready for sale. Removing an Underground storage tank is a painstaking process and you can count on Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment to do it affordably, efficiently, and cleanly. We accommodate industrial and residential underground storage tank removals as well as site remediation of contaminated soil.

Oil Tank Removals generally involve the following:

  • Obtain all necessary permits
  • Coordination notification with local Fire Marshall where necessary
  • Obtain a dig number from 'Call Before You Dig' as required by the State of CT
  • Remove any remaining oil or sludge from the tank with our vacuum truck
  • Excavation of site and exposing tank
  • Fuel tank cut open and cleaned of all remaining fuel and residue
  • Removal of oil tank
  • Environmentally cleaning, properly transport and disposal of tank
  • Field analysis and soil samples taken from under tank and sidewalls
  • Lab analysis of soil samples completed
  • Tank grave replaced with clean fill
  • Tank closure report filed with state and local officials

Abandonment of an underground storage tank

The process of abandoning an underground storage tank is similar to removing one. The fuel tank is first excavated, cut open and cleaned of remaining fuel and residue. The tank is then entered by a technician visually inspecting the tank for breaches. Soil samples are extracted from the perimeter of the underground storage tank by cutting holes in the bottom of the tank and extracting soil samples from inside the tank. If there is no sign of soil contamination, the tank is then filled with an inert material such as sand or concrete slurry and graded over.

Residential and commercial underground storage tanks have been the source of many environmental problems as their life expectancy is approximately 30 years.  Life expectancy depends greatly on the tanks location. A leaking underground storage tank may potentially contaminate groundwater and impact well water. Often a leaking underground storage tank goes undetected until the tank is removed from the ground.

What if soil contaminants are found?

If any contaminated soil is detected or breaches in the tanks are discovered during a removal or abandonment procedure, the Department of Environmental Protection Agency must be notified within 24 hours of detection. The storage tank must be removed from the ground and the site must be remediated to proper levels.

Fuel Tank Installations

There are many different options when it comes to above ground and below ground fuel tank installations. From steel to fiberglass, we can supply and Install a quality tank for your application. All tanks come with a 20 to 30-year guarantee, depending on the model, when installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you are in the market for a high-quality storage tank, Hugh’s Mechanical Equipment has the tank to fit your project requirements. Please Contact Us to discuss your tank installation requirements.

In a typical fuel tank installation, we will install a Pneumercator Tank Monitoring System, which will measure the amount of product inside the tank. It will monitor liquid in the interstitial space (between the inner and outer tank shell), underground tank sumps and monitoring wells. It will also trigger an alarm in case the tank exceeds its filling capacity, typically 90%. Tank monitoring systems have many options. Please visit our Pneumercator page or Contact Us to learn more.

Please give us a call today for a free estimate and let us provide you with the personal satisfaction and comfort in knowing your fuel tank system is operating properly and within Federal, State and Local regulations. (Click or Call Us to learn your State's Regulations)