Concrete and Manhole Repair

Hugh's Mechanical Equipment is a company that takes personal pride ensuring that every customer receives the highest level of superior customer service. We are pleased to provide complete tank pad installations to single manhole repairs.

If you are experiencing grade frame manholes or spill containment manholes that are allowing water into your fill box, piping sump or tank you may need to replace and raise your manholes. Water intrusion problems if left unattended can cause serious fuel problems to complete system failure. If you have water intrusion, rusted, sunken or unsafe cracked concrete we can help. We follow and maintain the federal and local guidelines of H-20 load ratings on all of your manholes.

Manhole Repair

Sometimes replacing one problem grade frame manhole or spill containment manhole is the most economical and cost effective solution. We isolate the problem by saw cutting the suspect manhole, jack hammer and remove the contained manhole with concrete. Depending on the problem, we typically install a new manhole ¾"-1" above grade and feather new concrete back to existing grade with a broom finish.

Complete Tank Pads

When replacing one manhole is not enough, we completely remove the entire tank pad and all associated manholes. A new pad would be constructed using new H20 rated manholes and concrete rated for your specific site characteristics, typically 4,000 PSI.

Positive Limiting Barriers (PLB's)

Fuel dispensing areas require a concrete pad with positive limiting barriers (PLB's) to contain spills from dispensing. PLB's are groves in the concrete around the edge of the dispensing are. The rule requires that they be constructed and maintained to contain five gallons of fuel per each dispenser and nozzles may not extend beyond the PLB's. Maintaining PLB's can be done by filling in crack with hydraulic cement or in most cases removing and repairing a concrete section.

Please give us a call today for a free estimate and let us provide you with the personal satisfaction and comfort in knowing your fuel tank system is operating properly and within Federal, State and Local regulations. (Click or Call us to learn your State's Regulations)